Sehen Sie hier interessante Videos aus verschiedensten Bereichen der E-Health-Thematik.

Telemedizin: Jeder Herzschlag wird gezählt

Telemedizin: Jeder Herzschlag wird gezählt

Bundesgesundheitsminister Gröhe zum Thema Telemedizin und eHealth

Elektronische Gesundheitskarte: Was sich ändert

Telemedizin in Bayern

Darma video

SCiO: Your Sixth Sense

Fever Smart – The Smart Patch Thermometer

Vessyl – Automatically Track Everything You Drink

iBitz by GeoPalz | Fitness Products for the Entire Family

UVA + B SunFriend® – the new Gadget for Safer Sun Time!

How ICEdot Works

Is HelloSpoon able to help an elder in need?

Bionic leg can ‚read‘ brain signals to walk

Hugh Herr: The new bionics that let us run, climb and dance

Bionic Eye Cures Blindness

Introducing Tellspec

Researching the use of Google Glass to help people with Parkinson’s

BETWINE: Wearable Social Game for good health & love

First Oculus Rift Surgery

Peek Vision

Electronic Skin

New Invention – Jolt Sensor: Better Concussion Detection for Youth Athletes

PUSH iOS Walkthrough

Off the shelf, on the skin: Stick-on electronic patches for health monitoring

uChek App on iPhone tests a sample (Water) for glucose, bilirubin, ketones, leukocytes, etc

Ralph Lauren Introduces the Next Evolution of Wearable Technology

VitaDock – Mobile Gesundheit von Medisana

Fitness Bands for 2014 – Activity Bands: Shaping Our Lives

Athos – Upgrade Your Gear, Upgrade Yourself

The Dash – Wireless Smart In Ear Headphones

JUNE by Netatmo

Improve Your Posture and Change Your Life with Lumo Lift

PUSH: The first fitness tracking device that measures strength

LG Lifeband Touch

Sony’s Smartband Talk is an e-ink fitness tracker (hands-on)

Razer Nabu: Live Smarter

Garmin vivosmart: Join the Movement

An elegant wireless activity tracker – the Misfit Shine story

Activity Tracker Überblick: Flex, Up, Gear Fit, Loop, Vivofit, Pulse und Fuelband

VitaDock Online Deutsch 2014

Future Technology Will mobile sensors revolutionise healthcare

What is eHealth?

What is Digital Health? by Paul Sonnier

Digital Health & Fitness Highlights: 2014 CES

Quantified Self Experte Florian Schumacher: „Self-Tracking-Technologien werden immer kleiner“

CNET News – Apple reveals Health

Wello Health Tracking iPhone Case | Hands On

George Takei and iJustine on the Quantified Self | Episode 11 | Takei’s Take

Explore The „Quantified Self“ Revolution with Jason Silva

HealthKit in IOS 8